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Diving is one of the best ways to reduce your work stress while relaxing among the hidden wonders of the underwater world. Not every place is safe and worth of diving which is why one tends to select Hikkaduwa as the best place for diving in Sri Lanka. [showhide type=”pressrelease” more_text=”Read More..” less_text=”less..”]

Diving is successful in putting both the mind and body of a person at ease. Diving in the best diving spot would give one the best diving experience ever! The diving season starts from October and continues till April.

Why Hikkaduwa among all other places?

Diving in Hikkaduwa can give you the unique diving experience since it is a well-known place to watch both turtles and shipwrecks. Hikkaduwa is also a place with a variety of amazing coral reef formations and multi-level rock complexes that gives shelter for a wide range of underwater life forms.

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You can have a close look at the turtles who rarely appear on the shore while enjoying the sight of underground caves with a variety of marine species as well. Another reason as to why one might select Hikkaduwa is that there are many diving sites where you can enjoy diving at different places.

Diving sites at Hikkaduwa

Earl of Shaftesbury (12-14) is where you can dive to explore the shipwreck of this old British ship which is a thrilling experience to enjoy in a lifetime.

Off Coral Gardens (13) is a diving site which is worth diving for the spectacular scenery. There is a beautiful display of colourful corals and different types of marine life like which includes pufferfish, moray eels and porcupine fish.

Tunatta (13m) is a shallow diving site located in the South of the Coral Gardens. Tunatta has a stunning formation of rocks where you can see a variety of marine species which includes pufferfish, lobsters and boxfish.

Sunil Gala (18m) is another diving site located in the South of the Coral Gardens. Diving in the Sunil Gala will expose you to an amazing rock formation that shelters a variety of marine life.

Conch (22m) is another diving site where you can explore the shipwreck of SS Conch and other marine species sheltered in the wreck and areas around it.

Deep Rock (22m) is the perfect diving site for experienced divers because one must explore the area with extreme caution. There are many underground caves as well as a formation of multilevel rock formations.

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Try out these amazing diving sites in Hikkaduwa during this vacation so you can explore the wonders of the underwater world. These amazing diving sites at Hikkaduwa are worth your time of exploring.

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