The Best Place to Experience Diving in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa is the best place for diving in the south-west of the beautiful island. Hikkaduwa is well known for its house reef that is the very first marine sanctuary of the island. You can also find out quality reef formations, multi-level rock completes and underwater caves which aid as a refuge for various underwater world life forms. So if you are a person who is looking to enjoy some great view, you can reach multiple historical shipwrecks that are nearby Hikkaduwa. 

On the other hand, you can experience various tropical marine life which makes diving in Hikkaduwa a memorable one. If you are visiting Hikkaduwa during March and April, you can watch the blue whales, dolphins, whale sharks who migrate passing the island. However, Hikkaduwa is a pleasant beach in Sri Lanka where you can spend some time watching the coral sanctuary and the turtle hatchery.

Our diving school is well known as the professional and the safest place to get the diving experience. Our team uses all the latest equipment which would provide you with great comfort while you enjoy your diving. As we always concern about the underwater world safety, we always give our priority for the eco-conservation. Our well-qualified team which includes our director who as an experience of over thirty years in the industry, still concerns about safety while diving. The international diving school is the best platform to get a wonderful experience in diving which spreads to a large area.

Our International diving school is popular among the customers due to the nature of welcoming and friendly staff, who has a vast experience in the diving industry. So why don’t you come to have a great experience at Hikkaduwa with our team of friendly staff who always concerns about the satisfaction and preference of the customers?

What makes us the best in the region for diving Trincomalee and Hikkaduwa? Let’s talk about facts!

Quality comes with experience!

The vast knowledge of the director and the staff of the diving center provides a promising advantage. The International Diving School certifies an uncountable number of local and international divers. From the director, the diving instructors to the boatmen, the experience is given the major priority. The instructions coming from such expertise and passion will only provide the best of diving.

We offer a range of certified diving courses (PADI certified) for beginners and those with experience. The training given by our expert team maintains the highest standards by quality equipment and will provide an abundance of skills. Be sure to discuss with the qualified instructors to decide the type of training that is ideal for you.

Friendly and warm services will make you feel at home when diving. Scuba diving comes the best when the experts connect with the diver to understand their requirements and pace. That is precisely what we do at our diving academy. The lessons provided to you will match your skill, and with each lesson, an experience awaits.

As much as aiming for your passion for diving in the vast blue oceans, you gain certified qualifications. Thus, diving will be what you are the best at doing. For those who want to become a divemaster; earn a living out of your passion, the qualifications will easily make you the best in the field. Our expert team is ready for a fun-filled and valuable diving experience.

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