Best Diving Spots For Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Snorkeling is one of the best ways in which one can explore the wonders of the underwater world. Since Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by the ocean in all its corners, one can enjoy snorkeling in different spots in the country. Snorkeling allows you to see the colourful reefs that exist in the shallow seas of the country.

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Planning on diving in the South and West coast of Sri Lanka? The best time to enjoy diving is from November to April. If it is the East Coast that you are planning to explore, then the best time of the year is April and September.

Popular snorkeling spots in Sri Lanka include the following;


Speaking of diving deep into the blue, no one would ever miss Hikkaduwa! It’s one of the world’s best snorkeling spots that every diver is keen on exploring. The wide variety of marine life in Hikkaduwa is worth to dive for!


Pasikudah, in the district of Batticaloa, with its coastal beauty to offer, is the best place for you to dive. The perfect coral reef structures in Pasikudah never fails in getting the attention of the divers.


Trincomalee which is in the Eastern coast of the island is a diving paradise with best diving sites one can find. The Nilaweli beach and the Pigeon island which is home to a lot of marine animals and plants are both close to Trincomalee.


Located in the South East of the country, Mirissa is another diving spot which is never missed by a diver. With a total of five diving sites, Mirissa is quite popular for whale watching as well.


Now here is a place where you can explore both the marine life as well as the amazing shipwrecks. The best time to go snorkeling in Kirinda is in between the months of March and April.

With snorkeling you can explore the unseen wonders of the marine world in Sri Lanka during your vacation.

When in the search for the ultimate snorkeling experience, safety is a priority. Adventure with your family, lover, or friends comes best when you feel safe. We care about your safety throughout your journey to be fascinated by snorkeling at the best spots in Sri Lanka.

Confidence in water is the key

Being confident in your ability to swim and snorkel is the key. For beginners, wearing an extra snorkel west will enhance the learning experience.

First time in the ocean?

Do not forget to use a visible swim buoy to identify the whereabouts of your partners easily.

Avoid alcohol

When your body is under the influence of alcohol, going for a snorkel is hazardous. Therefore, carefully plan out your days at the most exquisite beaches. The day before your snorkeling plans, hydrate yourself to replace the water lost from your body while avoiding alcohol.

Skin protection

Amidst an adventure at the best diving places in Sri Lanka, the risk of sunburn is high. Skin protection is vital to guarantee protection when adventure calls. Choosing a UV protective rash guard will avoid the side effects of chemicals in the sunblock. A swimming suit high in elasticity will come in handy for safety against UV rays and jellyfish.

Avoid touching marine life

Marine life should be enjoyed without disruption. Do not touch sea creatures and corals as several toxic species are found. If you want to stand, be sure not to step on the corals.


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